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Understanding Thrush

Thrush is a common infection that affects men, women and children. People often consider it an infection that affects only women, but that is only the case with vaginal thrush. In men, it can cause issues such as jock’s itch, and in everyone can cause skin rashes. Here, we’re going to explain a bit more about this infection. By the time you reach the end of this article you should have a much better idea about the causes of thrush, how you can reduce the risk of infection and how you can deal with the infection once it happens.


What Are NOT the Causes of Thrush?


This might appear as an unusual title, but we thought that we’d better explain what thrush ISN’T. There are many misconceptions about thrush and its causes, and people can feel very uncomfortable with the thought that they have thrush. Common misconceptions about the causes of thrush include:


1.Lack of hygiene: some people hear the word ‘infection’ and assume that thrush is caused by a lack of hygiene. This is not the case at all, and, in fact, over cleaning can lead to thrush because you’re cleaning away the good bacteria that you need to tackle the candida overgrowth.

2.STD: other people believe that thrush is a sexually transmitted disease. Although it can be passed from person to person by sexual intercourse, it’s unlikely. Furthermore, you may ‘catch’ thrush, but not develop any symptoms because your body has a strong enough immunity to fight it off.


What Are the Causes of Thrush?


Thrush is always caused by a yeast infection. We call this yeast candida. So, when you hear people talking about candida infections, they are talking about thrush infections; and when you hear people talk about thrush, they’re talking about candida infections. The terms are interchangeable.


Candida is a microorganism that we classify as a yeast in the scientific community. It often lives on the skin without causing problems. However, sometimes the balance of the body falls out of whack and the yeast infection can proliferate. This happens when we don’t have the required number of good bacteria required to tackle the candida and eliminate it or at least keep it at low levels.


Thrush is more common in people with a compromised immune system and people that have recently taken antibiotics.


What Makes It More Likely To Develop Thrush?


We touched on the fact above that a strong immune system will usually deal with any thrush infections. So, we’re going to consider some of the ways that you can help your body fight off any such infections:


1.Don’t wash too often in intimate places, and if you do, don’t use any harsh chemicals that may kill off your own body’s micro flora (i.e. the friendly bacteria).


2.Hormone changes: you might notice that you’re more susceptible to thrush when you’re approaching your period. There’s not much you can do to prevent this, but the combination pill can help, as can taking a supplement such as evening primrose.




There are many treatments available for thrush, but the most effective is oral thrush medication pharmacy. The medication contains the ingredients to kill off the candida infection. Oral thrush medication pharmacy will work every time, but it takes a few days for it to become effective. So, in the meantime, you can treat the symptoms by using live yog hurts or topical creams.

Thrush Is Easily Cleared Up

Genital thrushaffects both men and women occasionally. It is caused by the candida fungus and it is an uncomfortable condition.A genital thrush medication pharmacy is found on the internet or in your high street.


This condition causes irritation, swelling and itching of the affected genital area and it produces an unpleasant discharge. It is said that this ailment is a fairly harmless occurrence, but if not treated, it will return repeatedly. If it is not treated it can lead to more serious problems.



If you experience any of the above, it is a sensible idea to see your doctor as similar symptoms can also be experienced if you have picked up an STI. Your doctor will diagnose you correctly and then the appropriate medication can be bought online or be prescribed for you.


You may also be able to treat this condition by altering your diet, but perhaps it is better if the thrush is treated first. You can buy these kinds of medications over the counter and a prescription is not really necessary.


Buying online is a convenient and less embarrassing way to obtain your medicine. Make sure, though, that you buy it from a properly licenced UK pharmacy if you buy on the internet.


You need to know that genital thrush is a yeast infection caused by the candida virus. We all carry candida in our bodies, but it is when the yeast fungus gets the upper hand that we experience an outbreak of thrush.


Since this ailment can be passed on by having sex, it would be preferable if you abstain from intimate contact during this time until the infection has been cleared up.


Thrush is treated by either taking tablets for a set time or by inserting pessaries in the case of vaginal thrush. Creams to treat this condition are also available. Whilst taking tablets, if you prefer these, you may also want to apply a soothing cream to the affected area.

Let’s Be Candid About Candida

People can be embarrassed about candida or thrush because it is often incorrectly seen as a sexually transmitted disease.


This is certainly not the case and although it can manifest in the vagina it usually occurs in the mouths of both men and women. The fact is that nearly all of us carry the yeast known as candida in our mouths and further along the digestive tract.


Because we have this yeast means the problem is not contagious so if your partner has oral thrush you have little to worry about. It is simply a case of the candida getting a little out of control. It can be easily treated and it can be caused by many things.


Symptoms can include unusual white areas in the mouth, a loss of appetite and sometimes a burning sensation. There are many ways oral thrush may appear and a long period of antibiotics may be one of them.

With an online oral thrush medication pharmacy you can order various pills and ointments that will help rid you of the problem in a short time but if it persists then you should seek some professional medical advice.



Babies and young children as well as the old are more susceptible to this problem and so are diabetics and people undergoing chemotherapy. In fact, anything that is upsetting the naturally occurring bacteria in our body can cause the imbalance that may start off a bout of this condition.


Occasionally it may just be poor oral hygiene that leads to an outbreak of oral thrush and this is why it is so important to brush teeth at least twice a day and preferably after every meal. Some health practitioners recommend a glass of water swilled around the mouth after every meal.


Obtaining medication online is a quick and easy procedure and all packages for whatever ailment are sent in plain wrapper so you do not have to worry about what the postman thinks.

Thrush Infections: What to Do If You Have One

The fungus responsible for a thrush infection is candida. Most people are carriers of candida. However, most people’s immune systems are able to keep levels of candida at a manageable level. When the immune system is compromised, or the conditions are super fertile, candida can grow to the point of becoming problematic and causing thrush. Here, we’re going to explain a bit more about thrush. By the time you reach the end of this article you will have a much better idea of the causes of thrush, its treatment and prevention.


What’s Candida? How Does It Cause Thrush?


Candida is a fungus. It doesn’t cause thrush, it is thrush. Thrush occurs when candida grows beyond levels that the body can cope with. This usually happens because the body is compromised in some way, for example it is undergoing chemotherapy, or when the body is underdeveloped, such is the case for babies and toddlers.


Whom Does It Affect?


Candida does not discriminate and is present in most people. Thrush, which is the overgrowth of candida, tends to affect certain demographics more than other demographics:


•Oral thrush affects a large number of newborn babies. Candida is passed on during birth, and the baby begins to exhibit symptoms after a few days. The reason babies are susceptible is that their immune systems do not have the necessary antibodies to fight off the infection.


•Thrush affects people with a compromised immune system. These include people suffering with AIDS and HIV, people undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy, people undergoing steroid treatment, and people that suffer with recurrent infections. This is because there immune system is compromised, and usually busy fighting off other infections.


What Are The Symptoms of Thrush?


The symptoms of thrush depend on the location of the infection. Infections usually occur in damp, moist places. There are some common signs and symptoms:


•Whitish patches that look like cottage cheese. These occur in the mouth (the tongue, the throat, and the cheeks), the vagina (both internally and externally) and folds of flesh.

•Itching: this tends to be more prevalent in vaginal infections, but does occur with oral infections, too.

•Red and inflamed patches: occurs anywhere, but does not have to be present with thrush infections.


Often, the only sign of a thrush infection are the white patches. Pain is relatively uncommon, but it can happen. The itching is quite common, and it is incessant.

How Do They Diagnose Thrush Infections?


They’re relatively easy infections to recognise, and are usually diagnosed by visual inspection. Occasionally a dentist or doctor will take a scrape off a sample and send it off for analysis, but this only really happens with recurrent bouts of thrush. Usually, you can just go to a pharmacist and ask them to look at the infection to confirm thrush.



How Is It Treated?


Thrush is easy to treat. Depending on the location of the infection, different types of medication are suitable. All thrush infections respond to a single tablet that you can buy from an oral thrush pharmacy. However, some infections, such as vaginal infections, also respond to topical creams, which offer you an extra level of care. Topical creams can help to reduce itching and soreness, but clearly are unsuitable for oral thrush.

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Skin inflammation,
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Each of these conditions can cause anything from hours to days of irritations, if you need something to ease and stop the itching then you should make sure you have some in the house at all times, especially if you get a flare up of eczema. This is a skin condition that will return and often can lead to other irritations, especially on the hands and feet, mainly because your hands are used to touch everything and your feet can often be cooked up in socks and shoes, the friction will not help.


When it comes to creams and ointments you should be clean and hygienic, always apply with clean hands and wash hands afterwards, store in a safe place, do not use for more than one ailment at a time, for instance; if you are using it for eczema then use it for this only, do not then start applying it to bits stings and other irritations and you could be spreading the original irritation, not only over your own body you could also be passing it to other people when applying the cream to them.


Hydrocortisone Online has an anti-inflammatory ingredient and antihistamine, it will reduce and eventually stop the need to itch, it will take down the redness and the burning sensation that you can sometimes get. Having a cream like this in at all times will help you, but as mentioned you should not store open and used creams, you should dispose of them once you have healed and you are feeling better again, if you have been applying the cream for more than 3 days and you haven’t seen any improvement then you should consult your doctor. The leaflet that is enclosed will explain this, make sure you read thoroughly before you apply, and should the cream give you an alternative reaction or make the condition worse then you should stop using immediately and contact your GP for further assistance, if your GP isn’t available then the pharmacist might be able to help you.


Using any creams with any open wounds should be done with caution and only with advice from professionals. You should always seek advice when it comes to children and applying creams to them. Some of the ingredients might be a little strong for children’s sensitive skin, it could burn, irritate more and cause more harm than healing the skins condition.

These Fungi Are Not Amusing

Clotrimazole cream is an over the counter medicine to treat fungal and yeast infections. Just as with similar creams to clear up fungal infections they work by destroying cell membranes.



They do this by creating holes in the cell walls causing the contents of the cell to leak out. This destroys the fungal and yeast cells.


This particular cream will treat skin infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot, but also candida infections which affect the vaginal or penis area ad also sweat and nappy rashes.


If you are attempting to cure candidiasis you should know that the cream will only treat the external area and you will have to buy another product that will treat the inside of your private parts. For this purpose pessaries are available for insertion into the vagina.

You should be aware that this cream could affect the efficacy of condoms and diaphragms as it will affect rubber.


The cream should be applied two to three times per day and you only need a small amount, typically 0.5 cm to treat the whole area of one hand. After you have applied the cream you should wash your hands thoroughly to avoid contaminating other areas of the skin with these sometimes very contagious infections.


If you should suffer from athlete’s foot you should know the importance of ensuring that your feet are dry before applying the cream. You will often find athlete’s foot between the toes and particular attention should be made to make sure that there is no moist between the toe digits. This infection loves warm and moist places.


There is a powder available that you can put in your socks and footwear to avoid spreading the infection further. As with most medicines you should avoid getting the cream into the eyes or mouth.


If you have an embarrassing problem it may be a good solution to buy these creams online from one of the bona fide pharmacies. You will be an anonymous customer and you will also find that preparations are much cheaper.

Recognising and Treating Oral Thrush

This isn’t the most pleasant of subjects, but it’s a subject with which many of us will be familiar. While oral thrush is rarely dangerous, it can be uncomfortable. It is important, therefore, to treat it when it happens. Recognising thrush is relatively straightforward, but it is something that many people don’t consider when they have something wrong with their mouths. Treating the symptoms yourself is much cheaper than visiting a dentist or getting a doctor’s prescription.


What Is Oral Thrush?

Thrush, whether oral or otherwise, is caused by yeast called Candida. It is a fungal infection that happens when candida builds up on the tongue or the lining of your mouth. Everyone is susceptible to thrush, but it is more likely if:


  • You have an autoimmune disease, such as HIV
  • You have recently taken a course of anti-biotic
  • You are very young or very old
  • You are overweight
  • You have diabetes



If you develop oral thrush, it does not mean that you have done anything wrong, but it can indicate that you need a lifestyle change if it happens too often. Clearly, eating a good diet and getting plenty of exercise can help your body to fight off any candida infections easily.


Some people may tell you that oral thrush is caused by poor oral hygiene, but this is not the case. Rather, it happens when there is an imbalance in the body’s natural bacteria. I.e. the good bacteria become unbalanced and one is able to proliferate more than the others are which in this case, is the candida fungus.


How to Recognise Oral Thrush

It’s quite easy to recognise oral thrush. It causes the following symptoms:


  • White creamy substance in the mouth that is usually found on the tongue, but is also fairly common on the tonsils. However, it can occur anywhere in the mouth too.
  • Lesions in the mouth, again, usually on the tongue or tonsils, but also on the roof of the mouth, and again, they can occur anywhere in the mouth.


These symptoms can occur together or on their own.


What Causes Oral Thrush

As stated above, there are certain things that make you more susceptible to thrush, including your age and your health. However, the exact causes of oral thrush are many and varied, and they include:


  • Recently finishing, or taking, antibiotics: it is important that you continue with your course until it is finished, regardless of whether you develop thrush or not.
  • Certain steroidal asthma inhalers
  • Being dehydrated
  • Smoking


How to Deal With Oral Thrush


Thrush is usually treated using a steroidal cream. However, you cannot do this with oral thrush. Instead, you will need to take a table, such as a Fluconazole capsule. You only need to take a Fluconazole capsule once, but if you have recurrent bouts of oral thrush, your doctor, or your dentist may advise that you take a course of medicines. However, the first course is always to take a capsule such as Fluconazole.


If you would like further information about the Fluconazole capsule, then please visit stgeorgespharmacy


Things to Beware of When Buying Medicines Online

Buying medicines online is often the cheapest and most convenient way of buying medication. The prices are generally much more reasonable than they are in the real world. Furthermore, it’s often much more straightforward to purchase from an online pharmacy because you can do it from anywhere that you have internet access. However, it is important that you understand how to keep yourself safe when buying medicines online.


Unless you shop with a reputable pharmacy, you can never be quite sure what you are purchasing. Even medicines that appear to be branded properly could be faked, or they could be faulty batches that were withdrawn, or which were never meant to leave the production plant in the first place. Here, we’ve provided you with some information to help keep you safe when buying medicines online.



Never Buy Prescription Drugs Online


Unless you belong to an NHS scheme and use an NHS approved chemist, you should never buy prescription drugs online. This is especially true if you are trying to by medicine for which you do not even have a prescription. Many people, for instance, buy sedatives (e.g. benzodiazepine, mirtazapine, etc.) online without prescription.


You should never do this because these medicines may not be suitable for your condition. For instance, mirtazapine can make restless leg syndrome worse, only a doctor can make the correct evaluation into the pros and cons of a medicine because they are privy to information to which the rest of us are not. Furthermore, it’s illegal to buy prescription drugs when you don’t have a prescription, so not only is it dangerous, buy you will also be breaking the law.


Avoid Chemists that Sell Overly Cheap Products


There are two issues with cheap pharmaceutical:


  1. The quality is likely to be low. Unless it’s a special offer, it’s likely that the product is of a low quality, hence the lower price. Low quality products do not work as well, and may cause a greater number of problems than their more expensive rivals.
  2. They may be approaching their use by date. You may not have realised it, but medication has a used by date. It is important to use any medicine within date, so make sure, if you’re buying cheap products, that they are for use in the immediate future, and not for storing for later use.


Avoid Chemists that send too Many Spam Emails


Sure, all businesses do need to advertise. However, when it comes to an online pharmacy, they should keep their advertising to a minimum. Medicine is an essential; it is not a product that requires marketing – although if you work in the pharmaceutical industry, you will understand that marketing is part of the business. However, that is different because it’s marketing that occurs between health professionals.


Choose a Chemist that Is Based in the UK


We are assuming that you are reading this article from the UK, but if you’re reading it in another country then this rule does not stand. It is important that you choose a UK-based pharmacy because this will confer you with certain rights. 


If you would like to visit an online pharmacy, then please follow this link stgeorgespharmacy