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Recognising and Treating Oral Thrush

This isn’t the most pleasant of subjects, but it’s a subject with which many of us will be familiar. While oral thrush is rarely dangerous, it can be uncomfortable. It is important, therefore, to treat it when it happens. Recognising thrush is relatively straightforward, but it is something that many people don’t consider when they have something wrong with their mouths. Treating the symptoms yourself is much cheaper than visiting a dentist or getting a doctor’s prescription.


What Is Oral Thrush?

Thrush, whether oral or otherwise, is caused by yeast called Candida. It is a fungal infection that happens when candida builds up on the tongue or the lining of your mouth. Everyone is susceptible to thrush, but it is more likely if:


  • You have an autoimmune disease, such as HIV
  • You have recently taken a course of anti-biotic
  • You are very young or very old
  • You are overweight
  • You have diabetes



If you develop oral thrush, it does not mean that you have done anything wrong, but it can indicate that you need a lifestyle change if it happens too often. Clearly, eating a good diet and getting plenty of exercise can help your body to fight off any candida infections easily.


Some people may tell you that oral thrush is caused by poor oral hygiene, but this is not the case. Rather, it happens when there is an imbalance in the body’s natural bacteria. I.e. the good bacteria become unbalanced and one is able to proliferate more than the others are which in this case, is the candida fungus.


How to Recognise Oral Thrush

It’s quite easy to recognise oral thrush. It causes the following symptoms:


  • White creamy substance in the mouth that is usually found on the tongue, but is also fairly common on the tonsils. However, it can occur anywhere in the mouth too.
  • Lesions in the mouth, again, usually on the tongue or tonsils, but also on the roof of the mouth, and again, they can occur anywhere in the mouth.


These symptoms can occur together or on their own.


What Causes Oral Thrush

As stated above, there are certain things that make you more susceptible to thrush, including your age and your health. However, the exact causes of oral thrush are many and varied, and they include:


  • Recently finishing, or taking, antibiotics: it is important that you continue with your course until it is finished, regardless of whether you develop thrush or not.
  • Certain steroidal asthma inhalers
  • Being dehydrated
  • Smoking


How to Deal With Oral Thrush


Thrush is usually treated using a steroidal cream. However, you cannot do this with oral thrush. Instead, you will need to take a table, such as a Fluconazole capsule. You only need to take a Fluconazole capsule once, but if you have recurrent bouts of oral thrush, your doctor, or your dentist may advise that you take a course of medicines. However, the first course is always to take a capsule such as Fluconazole.


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