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Let’s Be Candid About Candida

People can be embarrassed about candida or thrush because it is often incorrectly seen as a sexually transmitted disease.


This is certainly not the case and although it can manifest in the vagina it usually occurs in the mouths of both men and women. The fact is that nearly all of us carry the yeast known as candida in our mouths and further along the digestive tract.


Because we have this yeast means the problem is not contagious so if your partner has oral thrush you have little to worry about. It is simply a case of the candida getting a little out of control. It can be easily treated and it can be caused by many things.


Symptoms can include unusual white areas in the mouth, a loss of appetite and sometimes a burning sensation. There are many ways oral thrush may appear and a long period of antibiotics may be one of them.

With an online oral thrush medication pharmacy you can order various pills and ointments that will help rid you of the problem in a short time but if it persists then you should seek some professional medical advice.



Babies and young children as well as the old are more susceptible to this problem and so are diabetics and people undergoing chemotherapy. In fact, anything that is upsetting the naturally occurring bacteria in our body can cause the imbalance that may start off a bout of this condition.


Occasionally it may just be poor oral hygiene that leads to an outbreak of oral thrush and this is why it is so important to brush teeth at least twice a day and preferably after every meal. Some health practitioners recommend a glass of water swilled around the mouth after every meal.


Obtaining medication online is a quick and easy procedure and all packages for whatever ailment are sent in plain wrapper so you do not have to worry about what the postman thinks.