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These Fungi Are Not Amusing

Clotrimazole cream is an over the counter medicine to treat fungal and yeast infections. Just as with similar creams to clear up fungal infections they work by destroying cell membranes.



They do this by creating holes in the cell walls causing the contents of the cell to leak out. This destroys the fungal and yeast cells.


This particular cream will treat skin infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot, but also candida infections which affect the vaginal or penis area ad also sweat and nappy rashes.


If you are attempting to cure candidiasis you should know that the cream will only treat the external area and you will have to buy another product that will treat the inside of your private parts. For this purpose pessaries are available for insertion into the vagina.

You should be aware that this cream could affect the efficacy of condoms and diaphragms as it will affect rubber.


The cream should be applied two to three times per day and you only need a small amount, typically 0.5 cm to treat the whole area of one hand. After you have applied the cream you should wash your hands thoroughly to avoid contaminating other areas of the skin with these sometimes very contagious infections.


If you should suffer from athlete’s foot you should know the importance of ensuring that your feet are dry before applying the cream. You will often find athlete’s foot between the toes and particular attention should be made to make sure that there is no moist between the toe digits. This infection loves warm and moist places.


There is a powder available that you can put in your socks and footwear to avoid spreading the infection further. As with most medicines you should avoid getting the cream into the eyes or mouth.


If you have an embarrassing problem it may be a good solution to buy these creams online from one of the bona fide pharmacies. You will be an anonymous customer and you will also find that preparations are much cheaper.