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From bites to stings, inflammation to eczema, ease it all with Daktacort

Hydrocortisone or Daktacort HC cream can be purchased over the counter and on the internet at St. Georges Pharmacy, it is a strong active cream that works on skin irritations, it is mainly suggest for


Skin inflammation,
Allergic or irritant dermatitis
Allergy to insect bites and stings
Mild to moderate eczema


Each of these conditions can cause anything from hours to days of irritations, if you need something to ease and stop the itching then you should make sure you have some in the house at all times, especially if you get a flare up of eczema. This is a skin condition that will return and often can lead to other irritations, especially on the hands and feet, mainly because your hands are used to touch everything and your feet can often be cooked up in socks and shoes, the friction will not help.


When it comes to creams and ointments you should be clean and hygienic, always apply with clean hands and wash hands afterwards, store in a safe place, do not use for more than one ailment at a time, for instance; if you are using it for eczema then use it for this only, do not then start applying it to bits stings and other irritations and you could be spreading the original irritation, not only over your own body you could also be passing it to other people when applying the cream to them.


Hydrocortisone Online has an anti-inflammatory ingredient and antihistamine, it will reduce and eventually stop the need to itch, it will take down the redness and the burning sensation that you can sometimes get. Having a cream like this in at all times will help you, but as mentioned you should not store open and used creams, you should dispose of them once you have healed and you are feeling better again, if you have been applying the cream for more than 3 days and you haven’t seen any improvement then you should consult your doctor. The leaflet that is enclosed will explain this, make sure you read thoroughly before you apply, and should the cream give you an alternative reaction or make the condition worse then you should stop using immediately and contact your GP for further assistance, if your GP isn’t available then the pharmacist might be able to help you.


Using any creams with any open wounds should be done with caution and only with advice from professionals. You should always seek advice when it comes to children and applying creams to them. Some of the ingredients might be a little strong for children’s sensitive skin, it could burn, irritate more and cause more harm than healing the skins condition.