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Thrush Is Easily Cleared Up

Genital thrushaffects both men and women occasionally. It is caused by the candida fungus and it is an uncomfortable condition.A genital thrush medication pharmacy is found on the internet or in your high street.


This condition causes irritation, swelling and itching of the affected genital area and it produces an unpleasant discharge. It is said that this ailment is a fairly harmless occurrence, but if not treated, it will return repeatedly. If it is not treated it can lead to more serious problems.



If you experience any of the above, it is a sensible idea to see your doctor as similar symptoms can also be experienced if you have picked up an STI. Your doctor will diagnose you correctly and then the appropriate medication can be bought online or be prescribed for you.


You may also be able to treat this condition by altering your diet, but perhaps it is better if the thrush is treated first. You can buy these kinds of medications over the counter and a prescription is not really necessary.


Buying online is a convenient and less embarrassing way to obtain your medicine. Make sure, though, that you buy it from a properly licenced UK pharmacy if you buy on the internet.


You need to know that genital thrush is a yeast infection caused by the candida virus. We all carry candida in our bodies, but it is when the yeast fungus gets the upper hand that we experience an outbreak of thrush.


Since this ailment can be passed on by having sex, it would be preferable if you abstain from intimate contact during this time until the infection has been cleared up.


Thrush is treated by either taking tablets for a set time or by inserting pessaries in the case of vaginal thrush. Creams to treat this condition are also available. Whilst taking tablets, if you prefer these, you may also want to apply a soothing cream to the affected area.